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MUSE Diagnostics is a Bangalore based ​medical device company founded by a veterinarian & a geneticist.  

In 2016, Arvind Badrinarayanan & Sumukh Mysore met at a recording studio in Bangalore, where Arvind was trying to extract digital heart sounds from a Vinyl LP from the 1960s that had recorded heart sounds, to run through a diagnostic algorithm. Sumukh's knowledge of audio recording, formats and transfer, began a conversation among them.


This led to a deep discussion on medical technology and how to create and improve devices by applying scientific principles within a digital framework. We reasoned that this would enable the creation of
databases which could suggest diagnoses!

And so MUSE was born...




taal digital stethoscope

Globally, 80% of human death is by respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. A stethoscope is generally used to identify cardiovascular and respiratory problems by listening to body sounds. What if these sounds could be visualised, recorded and analysed?

The Device

Taal, our listening device, is loaded with a patented acoustic design, digital audio sensors as well as active noise cancellation, that makes it highly  effective and easy to use. 

Features include volume control, multiple filters for body sounds, 3.5 mm audio output and magnetic USB charging.

Where there is Taal, there is Surr.

Our mobile app Surr provides local recording and database tools.

Surr is also a cloud platform providing

Surr Cloud      -      AI Analytics    

Surr Share       -      Encrypted Specialist Referral       

Taal is made for students, doctors, teaching hospitals, point of care medical professionals and can be used on humans as well as all other animals.

To request for a demo or buy Taal, look below.

Taal Digital Stethoscope will soon enter production, book your chance to try Taal!
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Business Queries: sumukh@museinc.in

For more information: arvind@museinc.in

Tel: +91 9620197043







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