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  • How Does Taal Digital Stethoscope Work?
    Taal Digital Stethoscope is a plug and play device. You simply charge our device using the USB-C cable provided for 4 hours before use. This will give you a battery life of 12 hours. The earphones provided are recommended and should not be switched with another pair or model. To transfer sounds, using the USB-C output to either your mobile phone or laptop.
  • I Cannot Hear Anything From The Earphones. What Do I Do?
    There are likely 3 reasons for this: 1) Earphones are not fully plugged in: In this case, please try reinserting the earphone jack until you hear a small click sound. 2) Device is not charged: Make sure you charge for 1-4 hours before use. 3) Device is faulty: Send in a support request and we will get back to you at the earliest to replace your device.
  • Does Taal Have Bluetooth or Wireless Capabilities?
    Sound is of primary importance in a Stethoscope. We have observed that bluetooth reduces quality of sounds and makes it more tinny in nature. Moreover, in case of multiple bluetooth devices in the same vicinity, we observed connection drops and multiple issues with bluetooth. After extensive testing, we decided to discontinue with bluetooth for this model and instead rely on the USB cable which maintain quality of sound. With the upcoming bluetooth 5.0 we hope to resolve these issues in our future models.
  • Is Taal Certified by CE or FDA?
    Our application for CE & FDA are currently under processing. Therefore, Taal is only available for Medical use in India at the moment, where it is not required to have any certifications. Standard electronic compliance has already been met with on the device front.
  • Is Taal Available Outside of India?
    No. We are working to make Taal available outside of India by April of 2022.
  • Does MUSE Provide SDK or API for Telemedicine purposes?
    Yes. We provide an SDK upon request. Please submit the support request form.


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